About me

Bonjour and welcome on my website !

I am delighted to welcome you here and to unveil my creative universe.

You will find here some of my original watercolour paintings. Some of my designs are available on items such as tote bags or notebook. I also paint landscapes on commission, as well as portraits of people and animals.

Feel free to contact me for any information.

Who is behind the jolies illustrations ?

Hi ! I’m Julie !

I paint to illustrate the beautiful things of everyday life, to decorate my home and yours. I love home decor, and when I’m looking for the perfect painting to match and enhance my decoration, I paint it myself. I mostly use watercolours but I also like to use different media and experiment with different styles.

Les jolies illustrations’ philosophy.

I love decoration but I love our planet even more and I think you can create your own haven while respecting the environment.
How can you do this? By investing in quality decorative items that you like and that we you keep for years. That’s why craftsmanship is always a safe bet for me.

My commitments as an eco-friendly small business :

For each mailing, I commit to using a maximum of recycled and recyclable materials to reduce the ecological footprint of my small business.

I do not have a large stock of posters and mugs already printed. All items will be printed at your request and shipped once, to your home.